Thursday, April 28, 2011

Always on Thursday?

Do you read a post on this here blog nearly every Thursday that has to do with the newest stash of goodies? Sure seems that way. Maybe I should figure how to review the archives by label and see what I find. Well, I was at an estate sale today, and two thrift shops too.

get a load of those spectacles!

Notice anything redundant in this photo?? How many Bibles does one really need?... well, the story is - and shhhh, it's sorta secretive a surprise, sorta.. ANYWAY on with the  Bible bit. My booth for Goat Hill  has a theme. I came up with this idea immediately upon being asked to do the show. Abundant Finds will be showing a TENT REVIVAL. I have no idea where this thought came from. Something about the tent I'll be in. Something about the country atmosphere Goat Hill is going for. Something about vintage, and a different way of life. Something about goodness and family and friends. Showing devotion - no matter what kind. I'm rather devoted to this silly sport of accumulating FINDS! Adoration, passion, devotion - whatever you call it, I'm liking the place I'm in right now.

first inspiration
Sorry to say I don't know where I found this shot, so I can't give credit. LOVE THIS SCENE! I've already used this picture and had it mounted on canvas for the show. It sits mesmerising me while I type.

let's hydrate the entire State of CA!
Isn't this humongous thermos with a spout fabulous?

So, these vintage finds aside the current one that has me twitter-pated is the minute-by-minute schedule of the ROYAL WEDDING that I found in today's news. Trying to figure just the right moment to pop out of bed and get a glimpse of the hoopla! You can see the other fun I'm having with this British event on my personal blog :

To the "found objects " in life ~
To the laughter inducing festivities that make life worth living ~


Wanna be a devotee too? (think I'm going to use this question in some way for Goat Hill)

Sorry - had to add the video even though the sentiments have nothing to do with this post!... other than devotion....

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