Sunday, April 24, 2011


During our afternoon of conversation, lunch and laughter there were, of course, many questions on how each others family members were fairing. What health problems were plaguing our parents? Which niece or nephew had married? What college is the senior child choosing? What FIND is waiting to be discovered in a brother's workshop?? AH, yes, key question.....artistic FINDS??!

My girlfriend's brother has been perfecting his craft, toiling for years in a woodshop making furniture. WOW! You should see this man's artistry!! You can if you go to his website : And I have a picture of one creation that graces his Mother's home.

When you check Brad's website you'll see a category of games and mechanical toys. Hubby and I were completely awed by this blast from the past item. Reminiscent of olde-put-a-nickle-in animated carnival play-things. Precise, minute detailing.

insert quarter
 The cabinet that houses the "toy" is pure beauty!

an old west theme

Each and every article was handmade.....

I should have thought to video this. The moving parts, a song, and the cowboy talking really should be witnessed to be believed! A fly flits about, an outhouse door slams open, a bar scene waltzes past windows.


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