Thursday, April 7, 2011

Collecting.. Possibly Part I of a Series?

Where did it begin? and WHY ? Wondering how I became so fond of tablecloths, napkins, bed linens, pillows and their cases, aprons and the like. I have no answer. I do know that my fondness has stretched to it's limits! Busting out of it's closet, in fact!

My ABUNDANT FINDS are finding a new home ~

Tablecloths of all sizes, colors and eras! Hopefully their new owners will find them at Goat Hill and be happy to claim one - or FIVE !!

I've talked about spring cleaning and these lovelies at Abundant Picnic ~

It's time for my linen fetish to wane. Or possibly it's only time for a change in the type of linens I covet? Which shall it be? Only time and the next flea market will tell!

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