Friday, April 1, 2011

Time To Move

An overwhelming feeling is coming on.  I know it well. My husband isn't a big fan. It's time to move! Not as in move via U Haul to another place...... no, it's time to move the furnishings and accoutrement. Some people think  - SPRING CLEANING. I'd rather jostle belongings about, and clean all dust bunnies left behind. Cleaning isn't really my forte. It's not that I'm piggish. Tidy, and presentable more like. I've been known to claim that "dust is my friend!" just to forewarn any new visitor.

Just inside the window is the area that I use like an office. A tiny space in the corner of the living room. I've enjoyed it for the winter. Now it's time to move! Don't have any ideas yet. It all just happens as I go along.
Some other areas that may change (pics off old camera)....

This is my cozy nook from inside ~

dining room

Living Room
May have to do some persuading to get Hubby to help move that lug of a couch. It is a leather sofa bed and it weighs a ton! Or....  might have to slipcover. Which I also like!

mantle in Living Room
Even though the mantle still looks fresh in black & white - it could move right into Spring. I need a change!

May take awhile to get the time and motivation, but I'll post pictures when it's completed.

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