Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ivy

le Lierre - means THE IVY in French.
We have le Lierre on signs. We dubbed our home Ivy Cottage years back. It began with a trip to Switzerland. While sightseeing with friends, we noticed the artful signage naming each  family place. When we inquired about having a plaque made for our home we found the time constraints and cost of shipping not feasible. I truly was sad to leave empty handed. Once home, Hubby created his version of those wrought iron signs. He sculpted our IVY  from a wire hanger. To this day it hangs in our dining room. I adore it!

my wire hanger gift
 During linen closet clean-up 2011, I found two napkins. They read THE IVY. Searching memory banks I came up with two points of reference....

very wrinkled! remember - they were squashed in their closet!!

One was ~ a dark, wood paneled, historic Restaurant in London. A place we visited in 2001. Did I remove mistakenly pick-up the napkins while there? Here's a brief history on that fabulously British, oh-so-library-ish -publike place ~
When owner Abel Glandellini and Maître d'Hôtel Mario Gallati joined forces in 1917, their modest cafe soon made friends and gained favour amongst the theatre community and The Ivy was born. "Don't worry, we will always come to see you, we will cling together like the ivy," said actress Alice Delysia, quoting a popular song of the day, when she overheard an apology from Abel Glandellini for his building works and his desire to create one of London's finest dining rooms - the name stuck.
"A table at The Ivy is one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture in London" AA Gill.

Or, on second thought - did I take a souvenir from the California eatery of the same name? I have been there to indulge once or twice. Well..... eat and STAR WATCH!!

The Ivy (Los Angeles)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ivy restaurant patio
The Ivy is a restaurant on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles known for celebrity sightings and papparazzi.[1] It serves nouvelle American cuisine "in a prettily decorated series of country-cottage rooms, with a flowery outdoor terrace"


The area around The Ivy on Robertson Boulevard is crowded with boutiques, paparazzi shooting for Us Weekly, In Touch or Life & Style, and tourists with "the largest herd of bulb flashers... found directly across the street from The Ivy, where stars and stargazers alike dine".[4] An MSNBC article called The Ivy "a celebrity beehive that sees a constant stream of Hummers, Mercedes and Jaguars pull up and discharge folks who pay through the nose to be seen eating in public".[5]

This is a clip from the movie Get Shorty shot in the courtyard of The Ivy.  When I lunched on the patio during one visit I was completely enthralled with watching the table near us, as Lauren Holly was there reading a script with other various persons.....

I'm inclined to believe the napkins are from our dinner in London. Either story is a fond memory. Beginning to think I may have a klepto problem.  HA!!   Are my  FINDS Found?? or otherwise??

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