Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decor Demon

Really should be doing my make-up and heading off to work, instead I've been taking photos and sharing them on HOUZZ. Do you know that web-site? Great place for lots of decorating inspiration!

One of my fave decoraters at HOUZZ is Brian- Decor Demon. He did a great post on mixing fabrics, colors, textures and pattern. I've been trying to do just this as I switched up the house for Spring. So, I sent along a couple of photos to him along with my comment on how much I liked his column! Here's what I
sent ~

to show pattern & texture

The photo above was indicating the texture of velvet combined with a linen/burlap pillow and a seat cushion not in the original velvet, rather covered in a pattern tone-on-tone heavy white cotton. Lots of pattern and texture in our rug also.

pattern - toile with stripes
I asked that Decor Demon please respond (in all of his spare time!) ha... if this look is too atrocious! Wonder if he really will??

closer shot
This pic just so you can better see that I tried to have texture on the table with the runner. And the bench incorporates another pattern. Still a stripe, but different than the others.
Okay, enough play - I really gotta get to work!

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