Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF - not what you're thinking!

When I peruse other blogs, enjoying immensely each different style, I often come away with grand ideas. On decor blogs I hope to imitate some paint technique, on cooking & entertainment blogs I drool and dream of hosting just that party! My, my the gardening blogs whet my appetite for the newest of seed offerings and patterns for planting lay-outs.

Lately I've considered ........ hmmmmm, I say to myself - shall I take this ole blog a step further?? I see that many writers come up with a catch phrase weekly topic and have a link-party. Well, honestly I don't know how to do a link party. I've only once tried to link my pictures. It was to an "art wall" party. I managed..... I think! Once, however, I believe I was a link-failure (believe that she chastised me!).

On with the title subject and the story line, here....
 For this blog, I came up with WTF! I know, I know.... in youngpeople-facebook-twitter terms that isn't the kindest set of letters when put together!  This is what my WTF will stand for ~

What's This? Friday... and it still could stand for the old WTF too...  HHHAAA!
also can be interchanged with ~

WTF - What's The Find ?  (done on Fridays)

Hey, if Cee Lo Green can do it, so can I! He changed that f-word for an entire song, and it became very popular, and even won an award. I likey...

I'm not off my rocker - nor off on my calendar either - I know 'tis only Wednesday, but I'm WTF'ing tonight. For now, WTF'ing is a solo act. Have to get a blog mentor to teach me some tricks! So, no linky-party yet. 

Here's the premier, numero uno WTF ~

I'm assuming it is a religious banner of some sort. Really hoping it's not from a KKK-type sect, or cultish odd church....

And another ~

Flying, Christian flag???

Think I best google or something. Hoping they'll be a great addition to my tent for TENT REVIVAL at Goat Hill!

There won't be a new WTF on Friday. And now you're saying... WTF! (for real!) I'll be on vacay at the beach. I do hope to post here and there....  See ya

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