Friday, April 8, 2011

A Change Would Do You Good...

Flipping through magazines while sitting in a stylists chair all morning. While glad to be pampered, I was tapping my fingers, anxious to get up and out! I had visions! Finally my energies were set to begin the rearrangement and redecorating for spring.

There is much to share. More to do, but the living area of our cottage has transformed. Want a tour???

The befores are on the left side and the afters are on the right and all brightly accented with RED !! That's the color I chose to play with for a short while. When summer rolls around I'll switch over again and the color then will be either blue, or yellow. OR BOTH!

Believe it, or not, this is the same chair.  You'll notice that it is in the same spot, as are most of the revamped items. The moving around of furniture will come shortly.

I'm not going to leave this "curtain" up full-time...
 I've fashioned a way to hang this vintage German embroidery so that I can cover the main window on very sunny days.

Some of the lighting changes ~

Other lamps will make their way into the scheme also. All in due time!

It feels much lighter and full of color. I love the black and white look, but a change will do you good!

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