Monday, May 23, 2011

I Can Be FOUND here....

It's been awhile since posting at either blog. So sorry 'bout that. I'm missing it quite alot. Since there isn't an actual following here... it may be that I'm the sole mourner!!  HA!

We're away on a week long trip.

Having technical difficulties anyway, so once I'm home I will head straight to the nearest computer tech to get this remedied!!  See ya then!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Far Too Much

UH OH!! my computer and camera are malfunctioning!! I'm scared to say the least! Hope to be back soon....

I believe this to be a minor blip. Something popped up on screen letting me know that I talk far too much and have way too many pictures also! No space left.....

Going to ask some techies what to do!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds in My Nest

Gobs and gads of bird talk on the other blog ( so I'll keep tweeting and chirping about that same subject here too. There are an abundance of bird finds in our home. Let's take a look ~

This metal cutwork picture is a find from a thrift store for mere cents...

It's perfect for a Spring look. Here's where I've propped it ~

On the mantle with a bird's nest along side..

A fave find from a fave place. These golden bird talons came from Pt. Reyes Station ~

one of many quirky & unique items I love
 A dear friend was taking this next piece to her shop... I caught her just in time, and she held it out for me so that I could buy it as a gift for Hubby. He has quite a thing for Pelicans ~

A cherished piece of art - that was NOT a find - it was a gift from friends on the occasion of my 50th Birthday. They paid an artist to come to my home and add a soaring bird to the ceiling that I had painted as a sky ~

a memory for always

Fabric versions of feathered friends, too ~

atop the bed
and embroidered birds on burlap ribbon ~

The King of all the birds in our nest - the feathered find nearest to my heart ~

Quite a find he was too! I found him in the living room of our condo. An untamed yearling. An early Christmas gift from Hubby. Twenty six years ago. The gift that keeps on giving!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The 2nd WTF

If I stick with my newly thought-up weekly Friday post then this is the day that I choose to share an item and say : What's the find??? 

Wanna see one of the only items I brought back from our week-long vacation?

Okay then.....   here 'tis ~

Posed another way the WTF for this item is really - what is it??? I found this lightweight, metal bird in the shop of San Juan Capistrano Mission. She is a swallow. The tag in the locked cabinet says she's from the 1920's. Wish I knew more. Of course it makes sense that a swallow would be significant there since the story behind the bird's annual journey is legend and helped make the town a popular destination.

My other finds were free. Found on the beaches we walked each day from Newport to San Clemente.

Heart shaped stones. We have a collection that increases upon each beach visit. Since that happens frequently we may have to go into the landscape/rockery business!

Monday, May 9, 2011

How 'bout NO Finds..?

Sweet little shop of nearly nothin'....

Don't know how she stays in business. Cute junk on the outside. Nearly nothing on the inside! That's okay though. I'd have to sit on any finds all the way back home... no room in the car for sister's finds!! HA!

Wanted to take her home.... would have to RIDE her home instead!!

Nearly everything in this place had SHARI written on it.... and, room in the house....
And literally, no room in the house - back in San Jo!!

Previously FOUND Find

Unsure that this find should be posted on this blog. Might actually belong on my personal blog Abundant Picnic. Surely there is no claiming that this item is a find of my own doing. Yes, as this particular day went, I did have a hand in finding and pursuing it.... yet..... OH MY GOODNESS! isn't it already renowned! 

The morning was all our own. No hurrying. Coffee and the balcony awaited. Exploring the hilly beach communities in Southern California were the plan. Now, isn't part of vacationing pretending something, that you truly are not?? Yes? well then we were on topic by parking to explore the Ritz in Laguna Niguel. Lush grounds, dining areas fit for Queens and flowers for days!

can you tell it's a Mother's Day message?

views for miles... all the way to Catalina...

And as we wandered the halls of this richly adorned hotel, we happened upon unique artwork displayed upon the walls. Photography from quite a different viewpoint. The man behind the camera was in the water, seemingly being pounded by monster waves in order to capture a shot that was WORTHY and artistic. I happened to mention the poor fellow and his impending pummeling - when a zorie-clad, surf short wearing sweetheart decided he'd chime in and mention that he was the ONE AND ONLY man in the photo, in the water, nearly being crushed. WHAT??? he was he??? we were face to face with the artist himself... and his little son too!

surf shorts with his own artwork emblazoned upon them...
The friendliest, most Island-kind man with skills aplenty! His photos - we learned - have earned him awards and a place in the Smithsonian and other amazing institutes! He took photos with us. We went to his own art gallery later in the day. A treasure for sure!

this is Clark Little

Art, sun, fish tacos, beach, pool, family and new friends FINDS. Love beachy vacations!

Go see Clark at

Here is us.... just lovin ourselves ~

Ritz @ Laguna Niguel
Another find of the day was a nursery that was that and SO MUCH MORE!! Pics and a story soon to come!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Treasure from Hubby

Here's a trinket I found.....

french soap cube

It was sitting on our bed, wrapped in a brown paper bag. A gift that hubby bought unbeknownst to me while we visited Pescadero. Awwwwww - sweet guy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF - not what you're thinking!

When I peruse other blogs, enjoying immensely each different style, I often come away with grand ideas. On decor blogs I hope to imitate some paint technique, on cooking & entertainment blogs I drool and dream of hosting just that party! My, my the gardening blogs whet my appetite for the newest of seed offerings and patterns for planting lay-outs.

Lately I've considered ........ hmmmmm, I say to myself - shall I take this ole blog a step further?? I see that many writers come up with a catch phrase weekly topic and have a link-party. Well, honestly I don't know how to do a link party. I've only once tried to link my pictures. It was to an "art wall" party. I managed..... I think! Once, however, I believe I was a link-failure (believe that she chastised me!).

On with the title subject and the story line, here....
 For this blog, I came up with WTF! I know, I know.... in youngpeople-facebook-twitter terms that isn't the kindest set of letters when put together!  This is what my WTF will stand for ~

What's This? Friday... and it still could stand for the old WTF too...  HHHAAA!
also can be interchanged with ~

WTF - What's The Find ?  (done on Fridays)

Hey, if Cee Lo Green can do it, so can I! He changed that f-word for an entire song, and it became very popular, and even won an award. I likey...

I'm not off my rocker - nor off on my calendar either - I know 'tis only Wednesday, but I'm WTF'ing tonight. For now, WTF'ing is a solo act. Have to get a blog mentor to teach me some tricks! So, no linky-party yet. 

Here's the premier, numero uno WTF ~

I'm assuming it is a religious banner of some sort. Really hoping it's not from a KKK-type sect, or cultish odd church....

And another ~

Flying, Christian flag???

Think I best google or something. Hoping they'll be a great addition to my tent for TENT REVIVAL at Goat Hill!

There won't be a new WTF on Friday. And now you're saying... WTF! (for real!) I'll be on vacay at the beach. I do hope to post here and there....  See ya