Sunday, March 27, 2011


Suffice to say that maintenance and decor at my house - both inside and out - have gone the wayside over the winter. Indoors has changed very little since Christmas! The tree and ornaments have long been shoved back to the garage rafters, yes! However I just haven't had the usual sense of urgency to switch things up; move furniture about, or get outside and start spring planting. Has it been that darn ol' gray weather I've barked about?

Today I took some BEFORE shots of the disaster in the backyard. I will try to remember and post AFTER shots when some of the revamp is done! Here is the sad state of affairs ~

general disarray

fallen gates

paths covered in weeds - can you even tell where to walk?

tarps everywhere...

a dead rose bush... It was so beautiful.. no idea what happened..

vegetable beds that need planting & composting

fallen leaves aplenty

And, in keeping with my blogs name and a somewhat common way of life around here - A NEW FIND!
Two raised beds that I scoped on a walk. They were about to be thrown out. They were FREE, and better yet the guy tossing 'em put them into the car for me!  SCORE !!

raised beds to place

Another spot to read my gardening (and other) exploits!

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