Friday, March 25, 2011

Everything.. AND..the Kitchen Sink

I've Picked up strained to barely budge an item that I'm completely enamored of. Really not so attractive of a piece. But I do see it's beauty! I found it sitting curbside (again) just waiting for a home. I was alone, it was pouring rain and this thing probably weighs 200 pounds. Intrigued? Wanna see? ....... well, okay

This is the full view of a concrete double sink!  Hubby came to the rescue again. If I could've taken pictures of us getting this in the treasure wagon - you would be chuckling! Well, of course I couldn't stop mid-lift and have Hubby pose for a shot... so believe me when I say that it was difficult! We got 'er done pretty quickly though.

Here we have the interior view ~

In my mind this appliance was used in a utilitarian, hard working space.  Rather than sitting in a place of prestige like a woman's kitchen. Was it for use in a garage, or maybe a laundry area? When I check on-line for history of these sinks I'm unable to find anything.

Not sure if I'm keeping this or selling. Would be the second one of it's kind at our home. The other we saved is a single sink and I used it in the backyard as a large planter. If it goes to someone else they'll have to have a team to move it!

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  1. I have a double-sink at my grandmother's in great shape if you want them. It is extremely heavy too.