Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Judge

Just as in the saying - "don't judge a book by it's cover".... also don't rule out any spot for finding treasure! I am definitely not above looking in all sorts of unsavory places! I've been known to dumpster dive. I will sift through cast away objects placed out for the trash man. I've got stories to tell on rummaging through condemmed buildings also!

In many neighboring cities there are weeks when households are allowed to place ANY unwanted item curbside for the city to haul. I went-a-hunting this week.

nothing is forbidden...

table set in the weeds

a few great finds..
The white fencing is in pretty good shape and I scooped up many sections. Those columns are grand!
And speaking of grand.... damn if I couldn't lift this puppy into my car...>

Whaddaya mean I can't have it?? Wish I could've saved it from ruin. The rain has been never ending of late! So either Mother Nature was going to have her way with all of the junque piles, or the big green monster truck would be gnawing at them. Either way - I couldn't save them all!

oohh... maybe I'll tell you a couple of stories on items I have saved from trash heaps!

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