Friday, March 11, 2011


A wee bit of history. Just about the time a blog of my own was on the horizon, I had slipped out of the house and up the road to a very popular and much known flea market. Behold!... a surprise awaited! I had the privilege of meeting two of blog-dom, magazine-dom, flea-dom's most famous gals!

The lovely lady on the left is photographer extraordinaire, chicken-mama Heather Bullard. Pay no attention to the gal in the middle. On the right is the ultimate junking-repurposer, magazine editor Queen Ki Naussauer. I have known the names for many a year so you can see that I was quite happy to browse, chat and have pictures taken with them. Now that is the ultimate flea market shopping experience!

We were all pounding pavement at Alameda Flea Market. Always a delightful day... and, I do mean DAY -
this place is huge! In my book, one of the most perfect ways to lose yourself on a Sunday morning!

A quick side trip back in time. This type of journey is exactly what I hope to feature here!

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  1. I've heard about this flea market and have never been. I would love to go with you sometime.