Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Am I Doing Posting???

Why, oh why am I taking the time to write a post? Possibly no time management skills? Nope - just needed a break from some things Goat Hill! Not all things, mind you... just some! Because this post will of course have something Goat Hill, or "find-ish" about it!

So topic for tonight.... short and sweet..... (as I have zero minutos to do it)...


What in the world is this find??.... seems I will have to look it up, pose inquiries, or Google this item myself seeing as I'm nearly the only person that reads this blog!!  HHHAHAAA... and so, I shall!

It is made of English Ironstone - which is so very collectible. It has great patine (color).

See that gorgeous stamp (marking) above....

It is crazed too! No, not as in loony! Crazed means the crackle effect on the crockery. I believe in the glaze of the pottery. Some collectors really like this.... I think it adds a little something to the piece.

What purpose did this item serve? Surely it is very simple, yet I haven't a clue. You must twist the inner portion to line-up the notches in order for the lid-with-a-hole to come off...... see below >

There you have it... a quick post. So, what is this find??

By the way, I did accomplish price tags while I waited for the photos to upload. So, not too much time wasted!

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  1. Hi Shari,
    I think it was for butter way back when, when you would churn it. The moisture would collect in the bottom through the hole. I think origionally it would have had a lid as well. Just fould you, thanks to Megan. Great Blog!
    Donna, at Green House Supply