Monday, September 19, 2011

Until Next Time

THE END.....

Dismantling of the tent and boxing up of the leftovers ended today. The Goat Hill show closed their gates and ushered the acutal farm animals back to their pens. Success is the word being passed 'round!

I had a grand time ~

Many of my wares went to other homes. The meeting of those collectors was such fun! All along I knew that the camaraderie of my fellow vendors would be high on the list of reasons I would love doing the show. Those tent neighbors of mine were more than expected! Made new friends, garnered many ideas and took with me gobs of good memories.

a still life of Tent Revival Sunday Supper

some of those friends

My next-tent neighbor ~

a snack at the end of a LONNNNG day

The lady responsible for this event did a bang up job. Compliments abound. She is a friend - I call her          Boss-'n-Boots ~

The fog lifted, the heat rose.... music strummed and tri-tips smoked. Goat Hill hosted thousands and hopefully they'll talk about it for months to come. Word is there'll be another event in the Spring. Shall Abundant Finds take part? I want nothing more. An experience of a lifetime.

Pillow=head, Bed=feet up, air conditioning=comfort ....... aaahhhhh

Tomorrow I'll share a couple of vignettes from Abundant Finds Tent Revival inside the tent....

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