Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Win Or Lose, It's How You Play The Game..

vintage football drawing

Victorious in the hunt! Many pleasurable moments, over many days of treasure seeking were had by me in the last half year. Goat Hill Fair was many months in planning and now, after the fact, I feel that I came out a winner! The game that I, we, as finders and collectors play can be quite exhilarating. Always on the look-out for that fabulous, over the top piece. The one thing that will make the perfect statement in someones treasure trove. I sought, found, repurposed, cleaned, painted and loved soooooo very many items. I sold quite a stash of them, yet I also brought far too much home again. Part of the game, I guess. So the camaraderie, the team playing and the making of a goal are a win-win situation. Yet this end result of what-to-do-with  and where-to-store-it feels like a type of loss.

I played the game fair and square.  I loved the win. I hate the loss....


Visions of yard sales and flea market spaces all Fall long may be the next game plan!

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