Thursday, September 29, 2011

Romantic Home & Me

photo via abundantpicnic.blogspot

Certainly this lucky gal (moi) has been mentioned because of her  MYconnection to the author. Yet, I'll take it just the same! How nice to find myself in the middle of Cindy's blog - Look at this article and you'll see a different perspective of the Goat Hill Fair. Something other than my own drivel. Pictures that I was unable to capture while manning my tent during the show! Cindy has a beautifully written and creatively captured blog that has been a mainstay of home decor readers for years! Go take a look! I'm honored to be named.

See what I missed??! Borrowing this photo from you, Cindy! Dang - wish I would've seen these! Told ya ...  another perspective ~

fabulous ruffle totes! photo from Romantic Home
 Here's a part about me ~
(Cindy, is this even kosher to do? I'm such a novice at blogging etiquette)

and here is my friend Shari!  She's always smiling!!! 

looking like a hot and weathered cowgirl - photo Romantic Home
Boy was it hot that day... just like Cindy mentions. Smiling, I was, pure fun and glad to see my friend.

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