Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Just Hangin'

Paint brushes, hot glue guns, drills and nails

Santa and his elves would be proud of my workshop

Quite an undertaking this Goat Hill show

Much has been done, much more to do...

Here's a peak at one of my fun projects ~

vintage hangers w/cloth buttons

Some of the FINDS I've sought out are old wooden hangers. I've stamped a saying on each - "Sunday Best"..  since the Abundant Finds theme at Goat Hill harkens to tent revivals out in the country. I figured folks would hang their "Sunday best" in the closet and don them only on special occasions....

Here's what I found on sunday best :
One's best and often most formal clothing.
[From the practice among Christians of wearing one's best clothing to attend church on Sundays.]

Picked up along the way too were a couple bags of fabric covered buttons. I've added a button to each end of the hanger to prevent clothing from slipping down and off. An added touch is the finish spray I coated them with to help prevent catches and pulls from the wood. Like shown right here >

needs ironing...

Another Sunday Best item are my hand-dyed vintage slips. These slips were not easy FINDS. It has taken months to gather a dozen or so. I have to say they sure are purty. Lots of colors. Each has a little piece of decoration. There are old brooches, millinery flowers and new feathery sprigs. I'll be sure to wear one come the opening of GOAT HILL!

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