Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reviving The Tent

Back at it, again! I'll share some views of my booth and revive my Tent Revival from this past weekend. Soon you shall say - couldn't she please discuss something else? For now though, the party high is still in full swing and the topic is still headlining! Here we go ~

In the morning - we had this...

after hours of work - the grounds looked like a city of white peaked, fabric huts wherein lay treasure troves of vintage lovelies ~

the gates were open promptly~

Never thought I'd be ready, but I was waiting with minutes to spare and time for photos~

All mine ~

not loving this pic ( the Sunday Best slips)

a Bible at the Sunday Supper table

a little humor
 The stakes are pulled, the canvas folded and the tent won't be pitched 'til the cows goats come home....

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