Monday, October 3, 2011

Salt In My Wounds

Sitting down to post on this blog of mine, the one about finds and treasures, has been sporadic of late. In fact many days go by without a word at all. I've been writing at Abundant Picnic more often. Life has gotten in the way. It has taken up any free and quiet time and given me their complete opposites instead. Life has also become challenging and sad, not exactly the lovely emotions that give me a jumping off point for happy blogging.

Time being, my circumstances feel like the crashing sound of waves, the stinging salty air and rocky cliffs that barely hang on and slope downward into the depths. Dramatic as that all sounds, and it is, I've not been out having fun and collecting finds. So for now there's not much to share in regards to vintage finds.  Will I get back to life in the junk lane? Surely do hope so.

In need of another kind of story and wondering what I've been doing?  Then you can visit ~


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