Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I've Come to Find....

Come to find out - I'm not a very good gardener at all! Cause you just wouldn't believe what you find when you pay close attention out there in that big ol' plot.....

I'VE FOUND that Hubby and I can't possibly consume all of the fruit and veggies we grow.

It's a jungle out there...

I'VE FOUND that not only can we not eat all that we grow, but these varmints DO eat more than their fair share ~

monument to the "cute rat" population

Oh yeah, the squirrels know us by name, address and smorgasbord offerings!! They are our "cute rats" in residence! Think we've got a few of the non-fluffy tailed kind around too - what with Henny Penny and the coop next door. Ah well, such is life on the farm in the city! What's a couple more mouths to feed when you've got an ABUNDANCE of produce!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand...

I'VE FOUND many a half devoured fruit, nut, vegetable...


Every year we say that we'll do something to discourage our "guests".  Real gardeners, orchardists, ranchers know to net their crops. Some old-country growers tie up shiny objects in their trees. That's what our Italian neighbors (Henny Penny owners) swear by. Instead we just check out our tiny crop, shrug our shoulders, and say "Oh well"!... see this is how many apricots we'll eat this year ~

picked unripe to save them from inhuman consumption

I'VE FOUND that I'm sometimes neglectful of my guardian duties. If you've seen my other blog -, you'll know  what I mean. After I posted Purple Rain I took a shot of the poor Plums' arm ~

ghastly, huh?

I'VE FOUND that I overcrowd, have far too many ideas for the space I have and HATE WEEDING!

I'm not the least bit discouraged though. All one big learning curve, this gardening, and I assume it will be a lifelong education. One of the biggest treasures I cherish is that...

I'VE FOUND - MYSELF! There is joy and satisfaction in touching the earth, planting a seed and watching it grow; in nurturing. The full circle cycle of being nourished from the items I've grown. And, of course of FEEDING the other creatures too!!

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