Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Fashionable Treasure

Quite surprised at this find. It is truly THE COCK OF THE WALK !! You just don't find this sort of thing everyday! You may find one at Farm Chicks. Or you can find one in pieces at specific stores.

Didn't drive far for this one. I found mine in my own back yard - LITERALLY!




FASHIONABLE  (everybody who's anybody has one)

Get on with it already..... What is this find you might ask???

Check below for the reveal ~

A pretty hen perched on my backyard fence, and she is not mine. UNFORTUNATELY!
Just what do you think you're doing up there??     bock, bock-bock,bock says she....

I found her (doing the sideways glance that birds have perfected) as I gardened in a much ignored area of our yard. Nice surprise! And she was happy to have my attention. She had much to say and a show to put on!  Check out those gams!

Fashionable in every sense of the word is she...... She strutted the catwalk, shaking her tail feathers! Up and down, and turn around!! Priceless experience.....

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