Monday, June 6, 2011

Finds at Farmville

Traveling via air has it's good points - one arrives quicker! Luggage and air travel also have downsides - can't squeeze large items into tiny bags.... thus making treasure hunting more challenging! Only a few items made their way home with me from Spokane.

OH THE SADNESS!! So many finds, so little luggage space! I did manage to amaze my fellow travelers and finagle a bakery tray into my checked bag!

Here's a view of some bounty!

live poultry not allowed in checked luggage!

cubbies! cubbies! cubbies! far as the eye could see..
The photo above wasn't at the Farm Chicks show. It was drooled over as we ordered breakfast at Chaps - an establishment beyond dreamy! Lockers, cubicles, drawers and cubbyholes were shown aplenty at the main event. Didn't figure a way to get them on board the flight though.

There's my large bakery tray! The sweet journal monogrammed with an "S" was a gift that contained my wristband to enter junking nirvana. Love, love that funky wire covered light bulb and it's vintage cord! What on earth is that strange glass thing that the light sits upon? I don't know, and I don't care - just know that I wanted it in my home!

These finds made their way on the flight also, BARELY! We hopped over to the town of Hillyard on our way to the airport. Any finds from here had to be stuffed into our suitcases at the last minute.

Successful junking, pleasurable sightseeing, banter, laughter, camaraderie galore!! What a memorable weekend.  Farm Chicks delivered!

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