Friday, June 17, 2011

She Is! Isn't She?!

Isn't she lovely? keep singing the tune the whole way through this post..... HA! just try and stop now....
you'll be humming it all day.....

Really, isn't she lovely?

treasure find of the day!!

Isn't she wonderful??

Isn't she precious?

Isn't she pretty?

Life does have many treasures to be found. Abundant in even the most obscure places! Nearly everything pictured here was garnered with politeness and a friendly manner. The dress form FABULOUS mannequin and a few of her cohorts were "dropped in my lap" finds. During tonight's walk in the hills, I saw an estate sale sign for an upcoming date. Still, I heard laughter and politely moseyed down the drive.... meekly (yeah, right! not I!) called HELLO, HELLO... "are you ready for early sales?". The family wasn't.. so they said - yet here I am with some of their past life sitting on my porch! We got to talking and next thing ya know they told me to shop and come back after my walk! Lucky girl, I am! Great people. Unkempt, dilapidated home up for sale to be torn down! I wish I had a contractors license. I'd be yanking french doors, windows, and built-ins galore!

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