Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OH! .... MY.... WORD..!!!

No more talk of computer malfunctions. Period. THE END!!!

So.. let me think. What might I possibly have to blog about??? hhhmmmm - well this particular blog is about finds. Think I'll start there ~

working bib/apron
 Apparently I fancy smocks. Or maybe they're work aprons? or long bibs of a sort.... I dunno. Somehow there is now a collection stowed in my laundry room. I really liked the color of this one. The tiny items on top are stamps with great graphic art images. They are, however, not rubber and I've found with others of this type that they're difficult to use with pad ink. Ah well..... couldn't resist anyway.

Above is the up close and personal view of said gadgets.

These cards were shown previously in a random shot of finds. Upon close inspection they are so quaint and old-school. Gotta love some of the recipes - MOCK chicken pie???!!! ha! how does one pretend, or mock chicken?? I find that really amusing. On one side of each card is a fun photo and the backside is a recipe. Must have been some sort of advertising for Adohr Dairy.

I ADORE..... Adohr!! 

If memory serves, stashed somewhere long forgotten - like maybe my HOPE CHEST (!) there are similar ads that I've kept from my Home Ec class in Junior High School. Why I'd still have them, is not clear. As seems to be the running theme in my vintage/collecting world - I've had this passion for quite some time!  

items with a beautiful history...

Possibly my finds have been resting briefly in the hope chest of another woman? Such an intriguing thought. Wouldn't you just love to know the story behind some of your treasures?

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