Monday, May 9, 2011

Previously FOUND Find

Unsure that this find should be posted on this blog. Might actually belong on my personal blog Abundant Picnic. Surely there is no claiming that this item is a find of my own doing. Yes, as this particular day went, I did have a hand in finding and pursuing it.... yet..... OH MY GOODNESS! isn't it already renowned! 

The morning was all our own. No hurrying. Coffee and the balcony awaited. Exploring the hilly beach communities in Southern California were the plan. Now, isn't part of vacationing pretending something, that you truly are not?? Yes? well then we were on topic by parking to explore the Ritz in Laguna Niguel. Lush grounds, dining areas fit for Queens and flowers for days!

can you tell it's a Mother's Day message?

views for miles... all the way to Catalina...

And as we wandered the halls of this richly adorned hotel, we happened upon unique artwork displayed upon the walls. Photography from quite a different viewpoint. The man behind the camera was in the water, seemingly being pounded by monster waves in order to capture a shot that was WORTHY and artistic. I happened to mention the poor fellow and his impending pummeling - when a zorie-clad, surf short wearing sweetheart decided he'd chime in and mention that he was the ONE AND ONLY man in the photo, in the water, nearly being crushed. WHAT??? he was he??? we were face to face with the artist himself... and his little son too!

surf shorts with his own artwork emblazoned upon them...
The friendliest, most Island-kind man with skills aplenty! His photos - we learned - have earned him awards and a place in the Smithsonian and other amazing institutes! He took photos with us. We went to his own art gallery later in the day. A treasure for sure!

this is Clark Little

Art, sun, fish tacos, beach, pool, family and new friends FINDS. Love beachy vacations!

Go see Clark at

Here is us.... just lovin ourselves ~

Ritz @ Laguna Niguel
Another find of the day was a nursery that was that and SO MUCH MORE!! Pics and a story soon to come!

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