Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds in My Nest

Gobs and gads of bird talk on the other blog (http://www.abundantpicnic.blogspot.com/).... so I'll keep tweeting and chirping about that same subject here too. There are an abundance of bird finds in our home. Let's take a look ~

This metal cutwork picture is a find from a thrift store for mere cents...

It's perfect for a Spring look. Here's where I've propped it ~

On the mantle with a bird's nest along side..

A fave find from a fave place. These golden bird talons came from Pt. Reyes Station ~

one of many quirky & unique items I love
 A dear friend was taking this next piece to her shop... I caught her just in time, and she held it out for me so that I could buy it as a gift for Hubby. He has quite a thing for Pelicans ~

A cherished piece of art - that was NOT a find - it was a gift from friends on the occasion of my 50th Birthday. They paid an artist to come to my home and add a soaring bird to the ceiling that I had painted as a sky ~

a memory for always

Fabric versions of feathered friends, too ~

atop the bed
and embroidered birds on burlap ribbon ~

The King of all the birds in our nest - the feathered find nearest to my heart ~

Quite a find he was too! I found him in the living room of our condo. An untamed yearling. An early Christmas gift from Hubby. Twenty six years ago. The gift that keeps on giving!

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