Friday, May 13, 2011

The 2nd WTF

If I stick with my newly thought-up weekly Friday post then this is the day that I choose to share an item and say : What's the find??? 

Wanna see one of the only items I brought back from our week-long vacation?

Okay then.....   here 'tis ~

Posed another way the WTF for this item is really - what is it??? I found this lightweight, metal bird in the shop of San Juan Capistrano Mission. She is a swallow. The tag in the locked cabinet says she's from the 1920's. Wish I knew more. Of course it makes sense that a swallow would be significant there since the story behind the bird's annual journey is legend and helped make the town a popular destination.

My other finds were free. Found on the beaches we walked each day from Newport to San Clemente.

Heart shaped stones. We have a collection that increases upon each beach visit. Since that happens frequently we may have to go into the landscape/rockery business!

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