Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hardware Store Style

For some unknown reason these finds remind me of gadgets that would be in a manly-type store. Hanging upon the wall for employees to use. Maybe in an old garage for mechanics to wash up? Possibly the back of an old hardware store?  I dunno.... just thinkin' - and where in the world do I come up with this stuff?

soap dispenser

fabric towel dispenser
Maybe I saw these in a bathroom somewhere along Interstate cutoff 505, or Hwy 99 as my Dad tootled down the road with his wife and kids toward his childhood home....

Every summer my parents packed all of us and the dogs into the station wagon for a visit to my Grandparents. The route to their home was North, and while we lived in the City - they were in an itty-bitty town in the country. The roads that lead to that place of fabulous memories were once very small. We had each landmark etched in our brain and likely our hearts too! Miles and miles of sun bleached landscape. Golden hills where very few humans resided. HOT as Hades and in those days no air conditioning! YAY!! we're now on I-5 almost to the town where Craig & myself were born. Landmark #1. A few more rounds of I spy and we hit Mom's hometown - a landmark we never miss. A predestined right turn off the main drag to drive by the shack (said with love & respect) where she was raised. Maybe even a cruise past her old, beautiful High School. Through the dusty little business area with long forgotten shops. We're getting closer!! A left turn onto 99 and into the home stretch. The ever popular landmark BIBLE QUOTATION sign whizzes past. Now is the time that we're on our knees in the back of the wagon.... we're turning right, nearly into the orchards. WE'RE HERE!! there's our sign that reads the town name, the bump of the railroad tracks at the dead end we go left.  Quickly we look down to our right.... YEP! there's enough water in the canal to go swimming - HOORAY! for that is what summer is all about!.... And after hours of wait here is the street that contains the homes that house the people that dwell in our hearts.... all the way down to the end, on the corner, on the left. That ever magnificent walnut stretched out forever in the yard. The dahlia and cactus garden too.

I have paragraphs and pages of memories to write. Maybe I'll do a little series all about this enchanting place. Including all of the people that I have a soft, weak spot for - the family that I dearly cherish.

But, to make this story come full-circle (which I like to do)... well, those finds pictured at the top?? ya know the Borax soap and running cloth dispensers... It's very possible I did see them in a hardware store, in a little place, in the middle of nowhere, on Main Street.  I think I just may have!

One of the first items of business once we arrived at Grandma & Grandpa's was to cross the street and grab our cousin to go visitin'! We have lots of family in that small place. We would walk to "town" - just us kids - and the first stop would be the Hardware Store. Our Aunt and Uncle owned it. We went to say our hellos and our we're-in-towns. The Hardware Store got the news  as we burst in the door.

Just maybe that bathroom in my Uncle's small town shop had just these sort of fixtures?

I've also found this little ditty. May not be 'bout a Hardware Store, but a small country shop, just the same. The photos are completely reminiscent of MY place.... oh the memories!

We too eventually said goodbye to the store. The building still stands; no longer housing manly wares. My Uncle passed long ago and retired from this piece of life much before that. I will have to travel back sometime - physically and spiritually.   I'd like to take that journey!

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  1. reminds me of those old gas station restrooms we all visited back in the day of childhood and we were on vacation.
    Love your sweet memories, hoping to here more!