Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Things Seashore

This very pretty ocean scene was shown yesterday. Got me thinking about how often I decorate with ocean and beach items. Often I've considered keeping the beachy-look in the house for every season. A couple of my friends say that there are no longer shells to be found at the beach because I have them all!..... silly girls!

Other aquatic theme pieces are ~

a friend found this beauty
 So far just art pieces.... and another below

These fish are among my favorites. I found them at a neighbor lady's yard sale years ago. They were painted by someone she knew. An Italian. From 1940-something. The grey tones are still on trend to this day.

A very happy commonality that Hubby and I share is our love for oysters. We eat them - raw, BBQ'ed, breaded, smothered in washes.... We collect them too. Shells are saved. Items of oyster paraphanelia are part of our decor.

a gift to Hubby

I found this oyster shell box^ at a lovely French shop in San Francisco. I filled it with oyster shaped chocolates - that did NOT taste like oysters - to give to oyster shucker extraordinaire Hubby! This is how it looks in gift box mode ~

We consume enough oysters that by saving the shells, we can cover some garden walkways....

Hate to admit it but, I can't remember the story behind this find ~

It's a PEARL though... history or not!

Just yesterday I read this fantastic post about oyster cans.... GREAT pictures! Such an interesting thought for
a collectible item. You will enjoy this beautiful blog and the oyster post too!

Starfish, sea fans, conch shells, coral and much more fill our living space with their natural beauty. I've not included them in this post or you'd be reading for ages. I'll be sure to give you a glimpse soon.

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