Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Give It Up??

The thought occurred to me - well, it cropped up nearly immediately.... I was never over-the-moon enthusiastic on my WTF - what's the find (Friday) series. I could live without doing it. Not many Fridays even ended up with a post for WTF. A few posts back I broached the subject and didn't have photos of my finds. So, now I do! Shall I tag this post a WTF?... let me know by leaving a comment for me!!

To WTF, or NOT to WTF???

On a Tuesday (not a Friday) ..... here's a beautiful treasure or two....

Aside from the silliness above listen to Glen and take a gander at my found beauty....

To get you in the mood, press play here ^ and turn up your volume!

1940's (?) gown.... the details are intricate, yet the dress so simple in it's style! Utterly sublime!! The color is peachy and must've made the skin on some sweet gal look absolutely creamy! Nearly peach sorbet like.....
Here's a back view of the gown ~

and then some of the details... lots of crafting...
 Want to try and figure this out... maybe add some of it to the vintage slips I've been collecting for Goat Hill?

Just picture Ginger Rogers stepping lively, swinging... and the hemline of this gown swaying with her moves... what a pretty thought.

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