Monday, July 18, 2011

Bicycle and Browse

Kill two birds with one stone.

Get exercise and still locate finds.

Bicycle and hunt.

Peddle and peruse.

Me & Mary-the-bike on right side of photo
Self portrait of the uncommon kind! Can you see Mary's spokes... and well, mine too! You can glimpse me in the photo if ya really concentrate. Big ol' helmet head!

Took the ol' girl out for a spin.

FIND -  Magpie is in Willow Glen. Willow Glen is in a nice neighborhood near me.

Stop for all yard sales.

Find - interesting treasure.

wedding dress box & gown

Here's a close-up of the treasure box ~

How cool is that?..... Did not take her home though.

The wedding dress and box, I mean!

I did take Mary-the-bike home..... I love her!

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