Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovely Things Come

One of my nearest and dearest friends follows along on this blog. She also is one of the gals that is always eager to hear about my most recent finds.  Mary has a keen eye, for both beauty and bargain! I find her  enthusiasm about Goat Hill touching. Not everyone in my friends&family web is as crazy for this collecting business as we two. So, my fellow devotee of junking said she'd keep an eye out for any Tent Revival treasure while she was out and about.

Here's what she handed me when last I saw her ~

A stack of Bibles...
Two of them have sweet, intimate touches. Markings, verse and quotations written in the margins. They're also adorned with the most peculiar page indexes. Numbered metal pieces....   See here >

Lo and behold when I browsed the pages of one Bible the name of the owner was written inside the cover... and the funniest thing is - she's from the same small town in which I was born. Now is that strange, or what?

Willows, CA

Ask and ye shall receive!... or like me, have a friend like Mary and lovely things just come....


  1. you can't go wrong with a friend like that! Those bibles are beautiful and what a wonderful treasure. I adore the handwriting on the inside cover...and to think our schools are doing away with penmanship since kids don't use it anymore. What a loss.

  2. Shari ,as always fun stuff and love your photography. How sweet that the bible was from your birth place. Getting excited about goat hill!